• Submits consultancy and guidance assistance to farmers, cooperatives, associations and other organizations related to agricultural production;
  • Provides advice on the necessity of fertilization of the agricultural crops;
  • Indites statements about the condition of the agro-chemical status of the farmers’ production areas when applying for funding under EU programs;
  • Provides specialized advice, prepares and circulates information and educational materials, organizes and conducts training of farming producers and specialists in the field of agriculture;
  • Actively disseminates and applies scientific achievements and developments in the general agricultural practice;
  • Accomplishes expert assessments and gives recommendations in the field of agriculture;
  • Participates in the solving of ecological, economic, information problems, closely connected with agricultural production;
  • Participates in joint developments and implementation of projects and programs with other institutions in the country and related international organizations;
  • Establishes, maintains and updates database of scientific, technical and applied-science information for advice and consultation;
  • Prepares propositions and statements on the demand of the government and other institutions;
  • Organizes the creation of demonstration fields and farms;