National center for research and development activities, guidance and training in the field of soil science, mechanization, hydro melioration and plant protection. The institute works in three basic departments of scientific research:

  •       SОIL SCIENCE

ISSAPP "Nikola Poushkarov" implements the state agrarian policy of the Academy of Agriculture in the field of soil science, hydromelioration, mechanization, and plant protection under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union by performing:

1. Fundamental research on issues concerning the activities of the Institute;

2. Strategic research on issues associated with significant national and international agricultural, ecological and economic problems;

3. Preparing forecasts and strategies, applied science and applied development;

4. Training and qualification of post-graduate students to acquire the PhD degree in the scientific disciplines approved by the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation in the terms and conditions of the Higher Education Act;

5. Methodological, technical and consultancy assistance to farmers and specialists and manufacturers of agricultural machinery;

6. Research, design, consultancy and engineering services;

7. Postgraduate and further training of scientists in the main fields of research in the Institute; 

8. Development of pilot projects for demonstration and training concerning the activities of the Institute;

9. Assistance for the preparation of investment and other types of projects for receiving loans and grants from national and international funds and programs.